From the innovative NeuroMuscular Taping concept in medicine to the development of DERMOTAPING for cosmetic and aesthetic disorders

David Leonard Blow is the creator of the NMT decompression concept and founder/president of the Neuromuscular Taping Institute based in Rome since 2003, in New York from 2012 and in Jakarta, Indonesia for the ASIAN region since 2015. He is an international instructor of NeuroMuscular Taping and DermopTaping in Europe, the United States, central and southern Americas, Africa and Asia. He has over 35 years of therapeutic experience in rehabilitation, including training in Australia, China, Japan and Italy. In 2003 he developed the innovative concept of Neuromuscular Taping (NMTConcept)and later on the DermoTaping methodologyin 2005, which has become very popular over time creating significant changes in the field of medical rehabilitation. The Neuromuscular Taping Institute stems from David Blow’s will to share “NMT KNOW-HOW”to train doctors and professionals in rehabilitation with taping protocols that can improve overall treatment results and consequently improve quality of life of patients.

David came in touch with bandaging techniques and taping in 1998. In the following years he studied these techniques focusing on their limitations from the point of view of rehabilitation. He decided to explore the idea of decompression taping as a form of therapy based on clinical observations on the dynamics between muscle contraction and extension through the application of a tape on the skin surface. This decompression taping methodology has the capacity to influence all aspects of the body including the skin. Since then David developed the NMTConcept, a dilation exteroceptive stimulation created by an elastic decompressive taping methodology and when applied in the therapeutic area it has been shown to be a clinically validated concept reducing symptoms and improving treatment outcome. NMT is widely used in Italy in neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation, both in public and private healthcare hospitals and clinics, involving many university under and post graduate programsand is becoming a mainstream system for protocol treatment.

Starting in 2003 it became very evident how a dilation taping system could improve the oxygenation and fluid exchange at a skin level. Initial treatments were aimed at improving scarring skin quality and the reduction of scar tissue adhesion after surgery, overwhelming burn scarring and post treatments (for example radio therapy). Specific applications in the area of skin health were developed leading to the creation of the DermoTaping concept in 2005 drafting the first guidelines and offering a series of trainings in specific treatment areas; Body, Face, Décolleté, in collaboration with Medical surgical interventions and Oncological skin health care programs. Aesthetic treatment programs are known as DermoTaping®, these are cosmetic and aesthetic protocols for the treatment of skin and skin blemishes. The dilatatory and decompressive taping method assists in the improvement of blood circulation and skin oxygenation by activating a continuous drainage of the treated part, not only restoring blemishes as well improving overall skin tone. Since 2011 David has created the DermoTaping Institute in New York with the aim of promoting this new and innovative method of cosmetic and aesthetic treatment.

David has published several case studies and articles evaluating the clinical efficacy of NMT (please see a Medline review on NeuroMuscular Taping, NeuroTaping, or David Blow). He is currently involved in numerous research projects, including projects involving the treatment of multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, pediatric, neurological, orthopedic pathologies, oncology and post-surgical rehabilitation. Recent studies on the treatment of diabetes ulcer, burning scar treatment and procedure development for skin regeneration. Other studies cover NMT used to assist in autism, attention deficit disorder, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia and dementia.

David is also the author of several Medical Publications:

  • “Neuromuscular taping – from concepts to Practice”,
  • “Neuromuscular taping – Treatment of Edema, hematoma and Scars”
  • “Neuromuscular taping – Treatment Compendium of the upper limb” (available early 2018)
  • “Voice T” – Treatment of speech therapy and facial paralysis. (available 2018)
  • “Neuromuscular taping – Treatment Compendium of the lower limb” (available 2019)

Its main objective is the Vocational training. He has developed many training programs and specialization courses. Every year he teaches many medical specialized service providers such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, doctors and nurses through continuing training programs and certification programs in Italy, Europe, Africa, Asia and the United States. David is referee of scientific committees, professional consultant, and is an authority in continuing education, recognized internationally by many hospitals and private clinics. In Italy he is visiting professor in the post-specialization programs in Sport Traumatology at the University of Pisa, the University Hospital Gemelli, teaching Hospital of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Rome, master program in Neuro-rehabilitation at Università La Sapienza of Rome, Master program in swallowing disorders at Turin University and Master program in Vocal rehabilitation at bologna University.

In other European countries David is involved in continuing accredited training programs in various universities and in the rehabilitation (continuing education units in medicine), in the USA since 2011 and many university collaboration in Indonesia and Malaysia since 2016.