DermoTaping® is an innovative treatment methodology and a specific taping technique with multiple applications in the medical-aesthetic field. DermoTaping is a system of treatment protocols that exploit specific decompressive and dilation applications of tape on the skin surface. These special adhesive tapes applied with the DermoTaping methodology exert a bio-mechanical pumping stimulation on the skin to facilitate the vascular circulation and lymphatic drainage to the area treated. The aim is to improve fluid exchange and oxygenation of the skin by promoting activation of natural skin regeneration processes.

info_dermoApplication of DermoTaping is indicated to complete all draining, detoxifying, healing and nourishing treatments for improved skin regeneration. The treatment objective is to improve and mitigate skin imperfections. Correct application DermoTaping will renew continuous lymphatic drainage enhancing the detoxifying processes guaranteeing tangible results evan over a very short treatment time. It is the first aesthetic continuously activated treatment that accompanies the client until their next appointment.

DermoTaping has been studied to be integrated with all other beautician treatments and various electro-medical devices, creating the best and appropriate treatment program for the client. Specific treatments cover skin imperfections, PEPS (or cellulite), age wrinkles, stretch marks, localized adiposity, the lack of skin tone, aging, problems related to poor blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. DermoTaping was created for improving blood circulation and fluid exchange at the skin level with the result of improved nourishment to the skin which will give the desired results.

When combined with NeuroMuscular Taping (NMT), a bio mechanical therapy that uses decompression stimuli, the beneficial effects include musculoskeletal, postural and neurological sensory clinical and rehabilitative purposes. It is based on the application of tapes that form skin-wrinkling, which, together with body movement reduce pain and improve the range of motion, improves muscle-articular coordination and consequently regulates posture.

The bio-mechanical and sensory corrective aspects support the natural healing capacity of the body, promotes better blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in the treated area. NeuroMuscular Taping offers practitioners in medicine and rehabilitation a specific resource to improve the response of the subject, reducing rehabilitation time and thereby improving the quality of life of the patient.

Post pregnancy STRETCH MARKS

Treatment cycle: 2 times weekly for 4 weeks. Total 8 treatments


Specific application that promotes the restoration of skin elasticity and tone in the abdomen marked by stretch marks due to pregnancy. A very frequent problem and for which the beautician and medicine does not always have the tools to ensure improvement. In these photos we can see a 25-year-old woman with a very scarred abdomen 3 years after her first pregnancy. Firming and invigorating massages often take a long time to give satisfactory results and the client often abandons the treatment. In this case the treatment lasted only 4 weeks for a total of 8 applications.

DermoTaping FACIAL treatments

Visible effects after 5 hours of treatment

foto-01DermoTaping applications specifically designed for the treatment of facial wrinkles. Clients can be guaranteed an improvement within a very short period of time. Improvements in skin tone, elasticity, more uniform and harmonious colour, while the thickness of the skin itself will improve over time.

Evan a single, non-invasive and totally natural treatment will give the desired effect. Specific oxygenation effects of DermoTaping methodology  will increase not only the quantity of oxygen to the treatment area but also improved nourishment and capillary fluid exchange. All of which will trigger natural cellular regeneration mechanisms. This photo refers to a result (left side treated and right side not treated) after only 5 hours of a specific DermoTaping application to the temporal area.  You can notice a considerable reduction of the furrows lateral to the eye and reduced swelling under the eyes.

BODY Hypotonia treatment

Treatment cycle: 2 times weekly for 6 weeks. Total 12 treatments

foto-02In all DermoTaping courses, notably the BODY course, one of the final objectives is body remodelling.  Treatments are focused so that the results are not only visible but also long lasting. All applications aim to restore elasticity and tone of the skin in the areas where the body is most prone to hypotonia such as the hips, legs and abdomen. These are focal points for all pre-existing beauty treatments.

Hypotonia has various causes; diet, age, pollution, lack of physical mobility, post pregnancy, hormonal imbalances and don’t forget also from your genetic tendency. These photos refer to 12 applications, 6 weeks of treatment with DermoTaping only.