DermoTaping® training program that authorises the application is aimed at doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, massage therapists, beauticians and generally to all health care professions that have to do with skin care. It is not a self-application and DermoTaping application is not unauthorised by persons who are not certified by the Institute. Only professionals certified in authorised courses have the Know-How to give the best treatment possible.

In general, contact with water does not compromise the application, the client can safely wash and bath taking care not to rub the tape and pat dry.

The tape can be left in place for one, two or three consecutive days, after which the client must be reevaluated and a new tape will usually be reapplied. In the initial phase, the tape is left in place only for a few hours or a few days (1-3 days), while in the maintenance or functional phase it can be left in place for longer periods (3-7 days) depending on the condition and the treated area.

The colors are not influential in the treatment. It should be remembered that the result of the treatment is due to correct application method, not the color of the tape used.

A sensation of tingling and warmth felt at a local level is quite normal since the treated area will receive a greater influx of blood but it must be differentiated from a skin irritation.

If the tape irritates the skin, it is important to consider the following points:

  • If the client has known skin allergies then consult a medical physician before applying tape;
  • If the skin of the client is prone to irritation, the tape should be left only for a few hours or days;
  • If the skin has been shaved, wait one hour after shaving before applying the tape;
  • To ensure the best treatments possible, we only recommend Health ministry registered products as a CLASS I Medical device non medicated.

If the tape irritates the skin of the client, even when it has been applied correctly and with due precautions, it may help change the color or brand of the tape used.

It is important to keep in mind the following points:

  • To ensure good adhesion to the skin, the tape should be rubbed over the skin with the palm of the hand or with the fingers (only in the direction of the skin elasticity);
  • Make sure that the tape adheres well to the skin before the subject changes position;

The skin of the subject must be perfectly clean, free of oil, creams or ointments and free of hair and should be shaved if necessary.