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This section contains information relating to how DermoTaping Institute – Sava srl processes the personal data of users / customers, collected through the website (hereinafter “Site”) and / or through other tools (eg through social media, cookies, etc.). This information does not concern personal data that is collected from other sites that may be consulted by the user through links contained on the Site.

The purpose of this document is to provide information to the user / customer about the ways in which his data are collected, the purposes for which they are collected, the legal basis that legitimises their processing, how long they are processed and the nature of their processing. .

If the user / customer is under the age of 14, or another age indicated by the legislation of the country of residence, pursuant to art. 8, paragraph 1 of EU Reg. 2016/679, and of Art. 2 – Quinquies of Legislative Decree 196/2003, as amended by Legislative Decree 101/18, it must legitimise the consent to the processing of your data through the authorisation of the parents or guardian, without prejudice to the civil law concerning the minor’s limited capacity to act with regard to the purchase of products sold through the Site. By registering or purchasing on the Site, the user / customer confirms that he has reached the age of majority.

The Data Controller is DermoTaping Institute – Sava srl, with registered office in Via delle Gavinana 2. 00192 Rome (RM). Italy. n. telephone number: 06.3611685 – e-mail:

DermoTaping Institute – Sava srl has appointed a Data Protection Officer (TP) e-mail:


DermoTaping Institute – Sava srl, collects various types of personal data of the user / customer for the purposes described later in this Notice, including:

• User / customer data (such as name, birthday, nationality, e-mail address, postal address, telephone number and other personal data) provided by the user by filling in forms on the Site, including the possible subscription to the newsletter and the creation of an account;

• Data of any transactions previously made by the user / customer;

• Personal data that may be contained in communications sent by the user / customer, for example to report a problem or to forward special requests, problems or observations relating to the Site or its contents;

• Other personal data that the user / customer decides to voluntarily share with the sales assistants of DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl, for example by e-mail or chat;

• Information deriving from surveys that DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl may decide to carry out over time on the Site, if the user / customer decides to respond or participate;

  • Information on debit / credit cards; DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl keeps the data relating to the purchases made and the payment method used for the transaction. It should be noted that only the records of transactions carried out through the Site are kept but banking or credit card information is not processed as for purchases the Site uses secure payment platforms managed by third parties, in particular NEXI and Paypal, whose policies privacy please refer. When the User transmits credit card information, he is offered to record the data to facilitate any subsequent transactions. In the event of consent, only the expiration date of the credit card and the identification of the bank transaction are stored. This information can be used for a payment;
  • Information on how the user / customer’s device interacted with the Site;
  • Personal data collected from third parties, such as data that the customer agrees to share with DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl on publicly accessible social networks (eg. Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.) and / or that can be collected from other publicly accessible databases . The Site also incorporates plugins for social networks (facebook, pinterest, instagram, etc. etc.) in order to allow easy sharing of content on your favorite social networks. These are buttons for third-party social sites; these sites can record information on the activities carried out by the user / customer on the Internet, including site activity. The plugins are programmed so as not to set any cookies when accessing the page, to safeguard user privacy. Eventually cookies are set, if so provided by social networks, only when the user / customer makes effective and voluntary use of the plugin. Please note that if the user / customer browses while logged into the social network then he has already consented to the use of cookies when registering with the social network. Furthermore, the identification data of the user / customer may be transmitted by Facebook to DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl if the user expressly agrees to associate the DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl account with his Facebook account when accessing the Site via the Facebook button. connect.
  • The collection and use of information obtained through the plugin and the connect button are governed by the respective privacy policies of the social networks, to which please refer:
  • ◦ Facebook:
  • ◦ Pinterest:
  • ◦ Instagram:
  • Information is also collected regarding the use and navigation of the user / customer on the Site. The data collected could be the following: the internet protocol (IP) address, type of browser and parameters of the device used to connect to the Site, name of the internet service provider (ISP), date and time of visit to the Site, web page of origin of the visitor (referral) and exit, possibly the number of clicks, other parameters relating to the operating system and the IT environment of the user / customer on the Site, to the pages that have been visited or searched, in order to select and make specific advertisements to users using, for example, cookies. The aforementioned information is processed in an automated form and collected in an exclusively aggregated form in order to verify the correct functioning of the Site and for security reasons. Such information, in itself not identifying the user / customer, could however, also through processing and / or association with other data held by the provider or third parties, allow the identity of the user / customer to be traced. For security purposes (spam filters, firewalls, virus detection), such automatically recorded data, such as the IP address, could be used, in accordance with the laws in force on the subject, in order to block attempts to damage the Site itself or to cause damage. to other users / customers, or in any case to counteract harmful or criminal activities. They are never used for the identification or profiling of the user / customer, but only for the purpose of protecting the Site and its users / customers.
  • • Indirectly, personal data can be collected by DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl through access to commercial partner sites, such as Amazon or EBAY. When the user / customer purchases a product from Amazon, the latter transmits the customer’s data so that it can process the purchase order.


  • DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl collects and processes the data of its users / customers for the following purposes:
  • Contractual purpose: view the web page and use the services within the website. In particular, proceed to the pre-contractual phase and to the execution of the contract for the sale of the products for sale on the Site, as well as to undertake activities related to the contract itself. This happens when the user / customer purchases a product or takes part in promotions.
  • Marketing purposes: by way of example, sending – with automated methods of contact (e-mail, text message, etc.) – of advertising material, promotional and commercial communications of products similar to those already purchased on the Site.
  • Profiled marketing purposes: analysis of preferences, habits, behaviors, interests of the user / customer derived, for example, from clicks on products / sections of the Site, in order to send him personalised commercial communications, carry out targeted promotional actions, business intelligence. The processing of the user’s / customer’s personal data for profiling purposes will take place, in the event of consent, with data processing tools which, following cross-referencing, will create a commercial and behavioral profile on the web. These data processing tools relate the information collected while browsing the Site through the use of profiling cookies accepted by the user / customer with the data collected through his subscription to the newsletter or creating an account. Such data / information will be associated with any further data / information already in possession of DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl because obtained following previous purchases on the Site.
  • Compliance / legal obligations: to fulfill obligations established by regulations and by applicable national and supranational legislation.
  • Purpose of sending newsletters: if requested by the customer by registering for this service.
  • Purpose of exercising rights: if necessary, to ascertain, exercise or defend the rights of DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl in court.
  • Site operation purpose: the computer systems and software procedures used to operate the Site acquire, during their normal service, some personal data in the use of Internet communication protocols.
  • Costumer service purpose: if requested by the user / customer through the chat on the Site or via e-mail, to provide assistance, product information and / or support in the purchase and / or payment procedure.
  • Purpose of preventing abuse / fraud: exclusively to prevent and / or identify any fraudulent activity or abuse in the use of the Site and therefore allows DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl to protect itself in court.


  • The legal bases used by DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl to process user / customer data, according to the purposes indicated in the previous paragraph, are as follows:
  • Provision of the Service: processing for this purpose is necessary in order to provide the services and, therefore, for the execution of the contract. It is not mandatory to provide DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl with data for this purpose, but otherwise it will not be possible to provide any Service.
  • Marketing: the processing for this purpose is based on the legitimate interest of DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl to send marketing communications via email regarding products and services similar to those that the user / customer has purchased in the past or on the Site. You can interrupt the receipt of these communications, without any consequence (other than the fact that no further communications of this kind will be received) by using the unsubscribe button at the bottom of each of the e-mails received or by contacting DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl.
  • Profiled marketing: the processing for this purpose is based on consent. It is not mandatory to provide it to DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl for this purpose and it can be revoked at any time without any consequence (except for the inability to benefit from the customisation of the commercial offers that are received). Consent can be revoked at any time by the user / customer by following the instructions in the Cookie Policy.
  • Compliance / Legal obligations: processing for this purpose is necessary for DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl in order to fulfill any legal obligations. When providing personal data to DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl, they must be treated according to the applicable legislation, which could entail their conservation and communication to the Authorities for accounting, tax or other obligations.
  • Newsletter: the processing for this purpose arises from a specific request by entering the e-mail address (consent) and can be revoked at any time through the appropriate unsubscribe button in the newsletter section of your account, at the bottom of each and -mail received or by contacting DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl directly.
  • Site operation: processing for this purpose is based on DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl’s legitimate interest in the proper functioning of the Site.
  • Costumer service: the processing for this purpose is based on the legitimate interest of  DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl to provide assistance, product information and / or support in the purchase and / or payment procedure.
  • Abuse / Fraud: processing for this purpose is based on DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl’s legitimate interest in preventing and / or identifying any fraudulent activities or abuses in the use of the Site and therefore allowing it to protect itself in court.


  • The user / customer has no obligation to provide his personal data. However, the provision of personal data (in particular personal details, e-mail address, postal address, credit / debit card numbers, bank code and telephone number) are necessary for DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl in order to be able to process the purchase order of products on the Site, for the provision of other services at the request of the user / customer, or for the fulfilment of the obligations established by legislative or regulatory provisions. The refusal by the user / customer to provide the data necessary for the pursuit of the aforementioned purposes may make it impossible to process the purchase order for the products for sale on the Site or to fulfill the obligations established by laws or regulations. . Failure to provide personal data may therefore constitute, in some cases, a legitimate and justified reason for failure to process the order or failure to provide services.
  • The provision of personal data other than and different from those required for the fulfillment of legal or contractual obligations and for the correct display of the services with the necessary traffic data is optional and has no effect on the use of the Site. and related services or the purchase of products. The customer is informed at each stage whether the provision of personal data is necessary or optional by affixing a symbol (*) on the information requested or on the data necessary for the purchase of products and / or for the provision of the requested services. on the site.


  • The personal data collected by DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl may be shared with the subjects indicated below (the “Recipients”):
  • subjects who typically act as data processors, namely: i) people, companies or professional firms that provide assistance and consultancy to DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl in accounting, administrative, legal, tax, financial and credit recovery matters relating to the disbursement of the Services;
  • subjects with whom it is necessary to interact for the provision of the Services (for example hosting providers or platform providers for sending emails);
  • subjects delegated to carry out technical maintenance activities (including maintenance of network equipment and electronic communication networks);
  • persons authorized by DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl to process the data necessary to carry out activities strictly related to the provision of the Services, who are committed to confidentiality or have an adequate legal obligation of confidentiality (eg employees of DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl);
  • subjects, bodies or authorities to whom it is mandatory to communicate data for compliance, abuse or fraud purposes, or by order of the authorities;


  • The Personal Data processed for the purpose of providing the Services will be kept by DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl for the time strictly necessary for the aforementioned purpose (eg. For sending the purchased product). In any case, since these data are processed to provide the services to the user / customer, DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl. May keep them for a longer period, in particular as may be necessary in order to protect your interests from possible complaints relating to the services. (10 years).
  • The data processed for marketing purposes will be kept by DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl until the user objects to such processing through the link at the bottom of each of the e-mails received.
  • The data processed for the purposes of profiled marketing will be kept until the user / customer revokes their consent. Once the consent has been revoked, DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl will no longer use the data for this purpose, but may still keep them, in particular as may be necessary in order to protect your interests, for example following complaints based on such treatments.
  • The data processed for the purposes of Compliance / Legal obligations will be kept for the period provided for by specific legal obligations or by applicable legislation.
  • The data processed in order to prevent abuse / fraud will be kept for the time strictly necessary for the aforementioned purpose and therefore until the moment in which the DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl will be required to keep them to protect itself in court and / or to communicate it to the competent Authorities.


  • The user / customer is the owner of the following rights which refer to the personal data of the same:
  • Right to withdraw consent – if applicable, the customer has the right to withdraw his consent at any time. For example, in the event that the customer wishes to unsubscribe from the electronic receipt of marketing communications, he can change the settings of his account on the Site, use the ‘unsubscribe’ link provided in the e-mails or contact DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl directly which will stop sending communications.
  • Right of access, rectification and cancellation – the customer has the right to request access to any personal data stored and to obtain a copy, request the correction of any inaccurate data and in some cases request the deletion of personal data. The customer can view and update most of their data independently from their account or by contacting directly
  • Right to data portability – in certain cases the customer has the right to receive all personal data provided to DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl in a structured format, commonly used and readable by an automatic device and also to request transmission to another owner, where it is technically possible.
  • Right to limit the processing – the customer has the right to obtain the limitation of the processing of personal data by DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl where:
  • ◦ disputes the accuracy of personal data until DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl adopts appropriate measures in order to correct or verify the accuracy of the data;
  • ◦ the processing is unlawful but the user / customer does not wish to have the data deleted by DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl;
  • ◦ DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl no longer needs the personal data of the user / customer for the purposes of the processing and the customer requests the aforementioned data for the preparation, exercise or defence of legal actions;
  • ◦ the user / customer has contested the processing on the basis of legitimate interest reasons (see below) pending the assessment of the pre-eminent and legitimate reasons for the continuation of the processing.
  • In the event that personal data are subject to limitations in this sense, DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl will process them exclusively with the consent of the user / customer or for the preparation, exercise or defence of legal actions:
  • Right to challenge the processing on the basis of legitimate interest reasons – in the case of the processing of the customer’s personal data on the basis of the legitimate interest of DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl, the user / customer will have the right to object to the processing. In the event of a dispute by the customer, DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl is required to interrupt the processing without prejudice to the demonstration of the existence of legitimate overriding reasons for the processing that prevail over the interests, rights and freedoms of the customer or the demonstration of the need for preparation and / or exercise of lawsuits.
  • Right to challenge the processing for marketing purposes – in the case of the processing of the customer’s personal data for marketing purposes, the customer will have the right to object to the processing at any time.
  • Any requests can be sent to DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl, without formalities or, alternatively, using the model provided by the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data, or by sending an email to
  • In case of violation of the law, the user / customer has the right to lodge a complaint with the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data, as the authority responsible for monitoring the processing in the Italian State.


This Site may share some of the data collected with services located outside the European Union area. In particular with Google and Facebook through social plugins and the Google Analytics service. The transfer is authorised and strictly regulated by Article 45 of the EU / 2016/679 Regulation, for which no further consent is required. The companies mentioned above guarantee their adherence to the Privacy Shield.

Data will never be transferred to third countries that do not comply with the conditions set out in Chapter V of the EU Regulation.


This document, effective from 22/05/2028 and published at, constitutes the privacy policy of this Site.

It may be subject to changes or updates. Users are invited to periodically consult this page to keep up to date on the latest legislative news.

Previous versions of the document are available upon request.

The document was updated on 08/07/2020 to comply with the relevant regulatory provisions, and in particular in compliance with EU / 2016/679 Regulation.


DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl attaches great importance to the security of all personal data relating to users / customers. Adopt security measures to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, communication or unauthorized access. To best protect the user’s / customer’s personal data outside the limits of its control, the users / customers’ devices must be protected (with up-to-date antivirus systems) and the internet service provider must take adequate measures for the security of the data transmission over the network (such as firewalls and spam filters).

Although DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl does its best to protect the user’s / customer’s personal data, it cannot guarantee that the personal data communicated to it will be 100% safe or that no data breaches will occur.

The user / customer accepts the implications related to online trading and will not hold DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl, or the respective operators, responsible for any data breaches unless this is due to its negligence. 


Written communications directed to DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl and any complaints will be considered valid only if sent to the following address: DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl via Gavinana 2, 00192, ROME (RM), or sent by fax to 06/3611685 or sent by e-mail to the following address You must indicate the registration form, the residence or domicile, the telephone number or the e-mail address to which you want the communications of DermoTaping Institute – Sava Srl to be sent. ten working days. In more complex cases we will undertake to provide initial feedback no later than fifteen days.


Verrai iscritto alla newsletter di DermoTaping® Italia.

Il tuoi dati non verranno ceduti a terzi (pertanto non sarai mai iscritto a siti spam o altri del genere).

Potrai cancellarti in qualsiasi momento, in totale autonomia, semplicemente cliccando il link presente in ogni email che riceverai e

seguendo le istruzioni.

Nel caso avessi qualche problema a seguire le procedure automatiche di cancellazione (che sono comunque molto facili), basterà inviarci

un messaggio utilizzando il modulo nella pagina dei contatti.


Gentile utente, Ai sensi dell’art. 13 del Dlgs 196 / 2003 (d’ora in avanti “Legge”), e successive modifiche, La informiamo che:

I. I dati personali e anagrafici forniti a DermoTaping ® Italia all’atto della compilazione del modulo di registrazione presente in questo sito Web sono oggetto di trattamento tramite strumenti automatizzati e non, con accesso controllato e secondo le modalità prescritte dalla

Legge e relativi regolamenti di attuazione, nel rispetto di tale normativa e degli obblighi di riservatezza ivi previsti;

II. Per trattamento di dati personali ai sensi della Legge, si intende qualunque operazione o complesso di operazioni, svolti con o senza l’ausilio di mezzi elettronici o comunque automatizzati, concernenti la raccolta, la registrazione, l’organizzazione, la conservazione, l’elaborazione, la modificazione, la selezione, l’estrazione, il raffronto, l’utilizzo, l’interconnessione, il blocco, la comunicazione, la diffusione, la cancellazione e la distribuzione di dati;

III. I dati sono trattati per finalità connesse o strumentali all’attività di DermoTaping ® Italia, e in particolare:

A. per adempiere ad obblighi di legge connessi a norme civilistiche, fiscali e contabili,

B. per consentire all’Utente l’accesso al sito web di DermoTaping ® Italia per finalità strettamente connesse all’erogazione dei servizi

online ed, in particolare, per rispondere alle richieste di invio di materiale informativo dell’Utente stesso ai fini della gestione

amministrativa delle attività svolte da DermoTaping ® Italia;

C. per lo svolgimento di attività di direct mailing e/o direct marketing, anche a fini promozionali, per conto proprio e di terzi inserzionisti

che forniscono i servizi descritti nel presente sito.

IV. Il conferimento dei Dati di Registrazione per le finalità di cui ai punti A e B è obbligatorio, comportando, in caso di mancato conferimento, l’impossibilità per DermoTaping ® Italia di dare esecuzione all’erogazione dei servizi.

V. I dati sono raccolti in un database e potranno essere comunicati ai seguenti soggetti:

A. soggetti che possono venirne a conoscenza, in qualità di “responsabili” o “incaricati” di DermoTaping ® Italia, quali il personale

appartenente agli uffici amministrativi, commerciali, produttivi, tecnici e l’Ufficio IT.

B. Società controllanti, controllate e collegate;

C. Società che svolgono attività strumentali;

D. Società clienti che forniscono i servizi descritti nel presente sito e per i quali si sta compilando il modulo, l’elaborazione, gestione contatti. L’elenco di tali soggetti, costantemente aggiornato, è disponibile su richiesta.

I dati personali non saranno, in ogni caso, oggetto di diffusione.

VI. Il Titolare del trattamento è presso la sede di via Gavinana 2, 00192 Roma.

VII. Il trattamento dei dati avviene mediante strumenti idonei a garantirne la sicurezza e la riservatezza a norma di Legge con accesso controllato e limitato a soggetti autorizzati. I dati saranno conservati in un database e a cui ha accesso solo DermoTaping ® Italia, per i tempi prescritti dalle norme di legge

VIII. Lei potrà esercitare i diritti di cui all’art. 7 della Legge rivolgendosi al legale rappresentante di DermoTaping ® Italia. In particolare Lei ha il diritto di ottenere in qualunque momento la conferma dell’esistenza o meno dei dati che La riguardano e di conoscerne il contenuto e l’origine, verificarne l’esattezza o chiederne l’integrazione o l’aggiornamento, oppure la rettificazione. Ai sensi del medesimo articolo Lei ha il diritto di chiedere la cancellazione, la trasformazione in forma anonima o il blocco dei dati trattati in violazione di legge, nonché di opporsi in ogni caso, per motivi legittimi, al loro trattamento.


Il sito Web è gestito tramite la piattaforma (CMS) WordPress. Quando si inserisce un commento su un sito gestito tramite WordPress, il sistema rileva e conserva automaticamente i dati identificativi, la data, l’ora e l’indirizzo IP del computer da cui vengono inviati i commenti.

DermoTaping® Italia si impegna a non cedere a terzi i dati conservati se non, dietro formale richiesta, alle autorità competenti nel caso in

cui venisse rilevato un qualunque tipo di illecito.


Il sito Web tratta la privacy dei suoi clienti con molta serietà, a tale proposito informa che:

– i dati inerenti al mezzi di pagamento del cliente, necessari ad effettuare il pagamento, non vengono in alcun modo memorizzati dal sistema informativo di

– all’inizio della procedura di registrazione vengono richiesti indirizzo E-mail/User Name e Password (se necessario). Il cliente è responsabile della conservazione della segretezza dei suoi Indirizzo e-mail/User Name e Password. Inoltre, il cliente assume esclusiva responsabilità per ogni suo utilizzo dei servizi tramite Indirizzo e-mail/User Name e Password a lui assegnati e si impegna a manlevare e tenere indenne da qualsiasi danno o pretesa derivante dall’uso o dall’abuso dei propri Indirizzo e-mail/User Name e Password in relazione all’utilizzo dei servizi;

– il cliente si obbliga a notificare immediatamente a qualsiasi uso non autorizzato del proprio User Name e/o Password e ogni altra violazione della sicurezza di cui venisse a conoscenza.


Quando si contatta attraverso il sito si devono fornire informazioni personali quali nome ed e-mail. Queste informazioni si intendono fornite con il consenso a trattare i relativi dati nel rispetto di quanto previsto dal D.Lgs. 196/2003. Tali informazioni consentono a di elaborare le richieste, di tenere informati gli utenti dello stato della loro richiesta e possono servire per consegnare al richiedente o a chi da questi indicato i servizi offerti sul sito;

– ai sensi dell’art. 13 del D.Lgs. 196/2003 procederà al trattamento dei dati personali forniti nel rispetto della normativa in materia di tutela del trattamento dei dati personali. Il conferimento dei dati è facoltativo ma un eventuale rifiuto nel fornirli determina l’impossibilità di eseguire la richiesta.


Se un cliente partecipa a un corso formativo o a un convegno deve fornire informazioni personali quali nome, e-mail, indirizzo per rendere valida la sua iscrizione al corso e per poter essere informarlo dell’avvenuta partecipazione o di altre informazioni di suo interesse. informa che tali dati personali forniti alla stessa, ovvero comunque acquisiti nell’ambito della attività svolta, potranno formare oggetto di trattamento nel rispetto delle norme sopra richiamate e degli obblighi di riservatezza.

I dati personali verranno trattati per finalità istituzionali, connesse o strumentali all’attività e quindi:

1) per dare esecuzione ad un servizio o ad una o più operazioni contrattualmente convenute;

2) per eseguire, in generale, obblighi di legge;

3) per esigenze di tipo operativo e gestionale interne ed inerenti al servizio, con particolare, ma non esclusivo, riferimento alla revisione

della contabilità di nonché, previo consenso espresso del cliente:

a. per fornire informazioni su corsi di formazione o servizi offerti da o dai suoi partner e di altre opportunità nel caso venissero ritenute di potenziale interesse del cliente;

b. per elaborare statistiche su partecipazione, clienti e altre informazioni e comunicare tali statistiche a terzi. Le statistiche non comprenderanno alcuna informazione in grado di determinare l’identificazione dei clienti (se non previo consenso esplicito di questi).