Invest in professional skills

The Training Area of the DermoTaping Rehabilitation & Aesthetics Institute was created as a framework for the design, coordination and implementation of training activities. It offers comprehensive training full of specializations and is aimed at the aesthetic medical professional area. All our courses are quality and management controlled which guarantees a standard of excellence in education.

A quality standard is required to guarantee and to ensure, through regular controls, the reliability of training and education.

The DermoTaping Institute supports aesthetic/cosmetic education by drawing on highly professional training courses which embrace many treatment themes, so that a “beautician” may reach higher quality levels within the profession. We believe that personal and professional growth is obtained by access to professional courses, which allow the beautician to receive a “quality certification”.

Your personal and professional capital is the only resource that the cosmetic industry can rely on, with the certainty that it will not be subject to technology trends and fashions that are often present in the aesthetic world.  Through training, your growing professional background is enriched by quality skills which does not envisage large investments and will survive changes dictated by fashion.

Our message is the following

Invest in training and in human resources to be always COMPETITIVE and SECURE a prominent position in the professional world of work and society.

Beauty professionals training programs

DermoTaping Institute has created a 5 tier training program to cover the needs of modern beautician professionals.