The use of bandages for therapeutic purposes dates back to the Greeks and Romans, when we think of the Iliad where Achilles bandages the arm and the wounds of Patroclus in 500 BC. Bandage techniques involves the application of bandages and tape that compress an area of the body or a wound to limit movement and further damage. Bandages and compression taping exist for at least 2400 years. The innovation made by the NeuroMuscular Taping Concept (NMT), and consequently DermoTaping methodology, is totally opposite to a compression technique creating a taping application that is decompression and dilatation.

In 2003 in Italy, David Blow modifies the standard concentric tape techniques and proposes, for the first time, the concept of a tape applied with eccentric action, on the skin and on the muscles through a specific method creating decompression and dilatation.

This method known as NeuroMuscular Taping, in the rehabilitation and medical sphere, differs from other methods for this particular eccentric action, expansion and dilatation performed on muscles, blood vessels and lymphatic pathways. DermoTaping® makes use of this particular eccentric action, expansion and dilation of blood vessels and lymphatic pathways to improve the micro circulation and oxygenation of the skin. This method improves treatment results through increasing fluid exchange reducing time and improving the quality of life of patients and clients. Currently the DermoTaping® therapy is known in Italy, in some European countries and recently in the United States and in Asia through the expansion of the Institute (headquarters in Rome and now also New York and Jakarta).


The Training Area of ​​the SAVA ‘Rehabilitation & Aesthetics Institute was created as a structure for the planning, coordination and implementation of training activities and warmly invites you to the world of DermoTaping. The Institute proposes training courses aimed at professionals in the aesthetic-medical field. All our courses promotes a standard of excellence in training.
The DermoTaping Institute is the result of years of experience and research in the rehabilitation medical field by the founder David Blow, hence the desire to transmit the results obtained to cosmetic and beauty professionals. DermoTaping, founded in 2003 in Italy with headquarters in Rome and starting in 2012 also in New York, Jakarta and Buenos Aires currently has a teachers core group that offers specific courses for the treatment of skin blemishes, dermatological care, cellulite and improving skin tone.
DermoTaping is out sourced from the NeuroMuscular Taping Concept (NMTConcept) which is widely accepted and applied by hospitals and private clinics, improving treatment options and quality of life issues for many patients. To meet the needs of this cosmetic sector, David starting in 2003 and further in 2012 decided to create a dermatological institute in Europe and United States to introduce the DermoTaping® concept to cosmetic professionals.


At the DermoTaping® Institute we are committed to creating totally innovative continuing education programs to improve medical-aesthetic and post surgery rehabilitation. Our objective is to support all types of cosmetic and aesthetic treatment currently used in the cosmetic and beauty industry.

Our goal is to optimize results through the use of our DermoTaping protocols, maximizing treatment time and allowing each patient or client to reach an active and healthy lifestyle. Our teaching programs, with specific courses for every need, and our qualified and certified teachers core group are here to support the acquisition of new effective and highly professionalizing treatment skills.


Our philosophy is based on the use of clear and comprehensive educational programs offering DermoTaping® methodology as a specific and flexible technique. In this way it can be integrated with many other techniques already used in the medical-aesthetic and cosmetic fields.

DermoTaping® is a treatment method developed in Italy, originating from the NMT Concept which has been used successfully in hospitals, clinics and private practices by physicians and rehabilitation experts and is currently utilized as a supportive therapy in medical rehabilitation. Precisely for this reason DermoTaping® is an excellent technique able to give tangible results through clinically proven treatment protocols.