Are you ready for DERMOTAPING?

The training area of DERMOTAPING and ​​the SAVA Institute ‘Rehabilitation & Aesthetics was created as a structure for the design, coordination and implementation of training activities. It offers a complete training program rich in specializations aimed at professionals in the medical-aesthetic field. All our courses are controlled and certified according to our quality management standard which guarantees a standard of excellence in training.

A quality certification is necessary to guarantee, through regular quality controls, the training process as well DermoTaping applications. Only through quality control will results be guaranteed. The Dermotaping institute assists in quality aesthetic training by providing various training paths that embrace various treatment objectives, so that a ‘beautician can choose different levels of treatment quality.

We believe that professional personal growth is achieved through access to professional courses, which allows the beautician to obtain “quality certification”. For this reason, we submit our Institute to controls required by ISO 9001, to guarantee a high level of organizational competency and in line with the training needs of this sector. Professional personal capital is the only resource that professionals can cultivate with the certainty that it will never be subject to trends and fashions that often move the world of aesthetics.

Each year, new equipment, new technology is proposed to beautician entrepreneurs surpassing the previous technology last year, subjecting them to a never-ending mechanism that involves high investments. This is not the case with training. Professional training does not require large investments and survives changes dictated by fashions. Our message is “invest in training to always be competitive and to secure a prominent place in the workforce” – we believe in your professional capital!

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