What is the DermoTaping® ELASTIC DECOMPRESSION Taping Treatment System?

DermoTaping® is an innovative technique with many applications used in the medical and aesthetic field. A complete system of treatment protocols that take advantage of tape applications which give dilatory and decompression stimulation to the body.

These special adhesive tapes (tape) exert a biomechanical pumping stimulation on the skin to facilitate lymphatic and vascular flow. The purpose is to improve the oxygenation of the skin to promote activation of skin regeneration processes.

DermoTaping Methodology

The application of DermoTaping is shown to support all those detoxifying and draining treatments assisting the healing and skin regeneration processes. DermoTaping aims to improve skin tone and mitigate skin imperfections. DermoTaping acting 24/7 performs a continuous lymphatic drainage that delivers tangible results in a very short time. It the only aesthetic treatment available in beauty salons that accompanies the customer until the successivo appointment. This highly flexible system can be integrated with all aesthetics treatments and medical beautician devices creating the best treatment program possible for the client.

24 hours effective treament

Typical treatments cover skin blemishes, PEPS (or cellulitis), wrinkles, stretch marks, adiposity, lack of skin tone, aging lines. Through the unique and innovative DermoTaping system problems related to poor blood circulation and lymph drainage and all problems involving the supply of blood and nutrients to the skin surface can achieve excellent results.



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